Snapchat to allow users to share stories on Tinder

Snapchat users will now be able to share their stories directly to Tinder, the popular dating app.

The multimedia messaging service’s new feature is expected to be integrated later this year as part of the newly launched App Stories, announced on Thursday at its Partner Summit in Los Angeles.

When users go to publish a photo or video taken on Snapchat, they can currently choose whether to share the “snap” as a story or send it to specific recipients.

Under the new plans, a My Tinder Story option will appear – giving users the ability to upload their posts directly to Tinder.

It is not clear how the stories will appear in Tinder as the project is still under development.


Image: The messaging service previewed the new feature in a promotional video. Pic: Snapchat

Snapchat, who is currently struggling to attract new users, could be hoping that the partnership with Tinder will help to draw more traffic to its app.

The number of daily active Snapchat users is down by one million compared with a year ago – but the figure is currently stagnant at 186 million.

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A controversial redesign has put some of Snapchat’s advertisers and users off the service.

The share price of the platform’s parent company, Snap, remains about 50% lower than when it first floated on the New York Stock Exchange two years ago.

Tinder used to have a Moments service similar to Snapchat, but this was discontinued in November 2015.

Users could share photos that disappeared after a short time – and any of their matches could like or dislike these posts by swiping left or right, just as they would with profiles.

Other apps aside from Tinder will also be part of the App Stories service, including group video chat app Houseparty and travel app Adventure Aide.

Snapchat users will also be able to share what they are watching on Netflix. Pic: Snapchat
Image: Snapchat users will also be able to share what they are watching on Netflix. Pic: Snapchat

The launch is part of Snap Kit, which integrates more than 200 apps into Snapchat.

As part of the expansion, Snapchat’s digital avatars, where users create a cartoon version of themselves, will be integrated into wearable devices for the first time.

Fitbit smartwatch users will be able to have their Bitmoji avatar appear on their watch face and see it react to their movements.

It was also announced that Snapchat users will be able to share details about the shows and movies they are watching directly from Netflix. Similar features are being unveiled for the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and the photography app VSCO.

Last year, Snapchat announced that users would be able to search for items on Amazon by pointing their Snapchat camera at an item or barcode.


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