Elon Musk unveils 60 internet satellites ready for launch

SpaceX boss Elon Musk has unveiled 60 satellites he is sending into space on Wednesday to help improve internet coverage on earth.

The devices are designed to beam internet coverage from space to under-served areas of the world and are part of SpaceX’s multi-billion dollar plan to build an internet satellite network, known as Starlink.

“Much will likely go wrong on first mission,” Mr Musk wrote on Twitter, adding that it would take six more similar launches to reach “minor” broadband coverage and 12 for “moderate” service.

His company is one of several, including Amazon, which are building so-called “constellations” of interconnected satellites to deliver high-speed internet from space.

A previous demonstration of prototypes called Tintin A and B was carried out in February 2018, with coverage good enough to play fast response video games, according to Mr Musk.


Image: Elon Musk hopes to beam internet coverage from space to under-served areas of the world

“These are production design, unlike our earlier TinTin demo sats,” Musk said, adding that it’s a “tight fit” to get all 60 on top of a single SpaceX rocket.

The latest satellites are designed differently to the earlier models.

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Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer, has previously said the company will not start launching satellites for actual service until later this year.

Depending on how the launch goes, Ms Shotwell said SpaceX could send between two and six more batches of satellites this year for the Starlink broadband constellation.


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