How Monica Crowley was Attacked for Supporting President Trump

How Monica Crowley was Attacked for Supporting President Trump

Since he announced his presidency, Trump has been under attack. In the face of a changing political climate, those who supported Trump were seen as vile, ignorant or downright stupid. People who have been involved in politics for a long time, like Monica Crowley, suddenly found herself being ostracized by her peers because he was a Trump supporter. Even though there has always been some discord between the two political parties, when Trump was running for president, that discord grew volatile. Accusations were lobbied against Trump supporters that maligned them as uninformed and uneducated. People like Monica Crowley were suddenly laughed at and mocked because of their belief in the future president.

Monica Crowley is one of the most outspoken political commentators in the media. She is also very highly educated and has been involved in politics since 1990. She attended Colgate University where she received her B.A. in political science and later went on to receive her PhD from Columbia University in international relations. When she was just a student, she started writing letters to ex-president Richard Nixon. He later hired her as his research assistant in 1990 when she was only 22 years old. She then was an editorial adviser and consultant on his last two books. After he passed, she published two books about him. During the 1990’s she also wrote a regular column for the New York Post, but also wrote for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The New Yorker, and many others. She got her start in politics very young and was driven from the start.

Monica has dedicated her life to politics has been ambitious in the advancement of her career. She has been strictly focused on career pursuits that would give her a greater and broader knowledge of politics. In the late 1990’s she joined the Fox News Channel as a foreign affairs and political analyst. Due to her extensive knowledge of the political landscape both nationally and internationally; she would occasionally substitute for the highly rated show Hannity on Fox News. In 2004, she joined another popular show on MSNBC called Connected: Coast to Coast. She was a co-host with Ron Reagan, the son of the popular president Ronald Reagan.  [Biography]

She was a regular participant on The McLaughlin Group from 2007 until 2011. This show involved four pundits discussing current political issues in a round table format.  Due to her extensive political expertise, she was consistently asked to be one of the pundits on this show.  She has also been a guest host of Bill O’Reilly’s show The O’Reilly Factor and has been a guest on his podcast. She has spent many years on radio and on television having thoughtful, well researched political debates with many other political pundits and analysts. She has always been a sought out commentator for different kinds of political discourse.

She created a solid reputation for herself as a knowledgeable and well-informed political commentator. She worked very hard to get to where she is in the political world but that all came crashing down when she publically supported Trump during his run for president. She was very outspoken for her support of our now president and she was vilified for it. She wasn’t just mindlessly supporting him; she was supporting him based on her years of political experience and her education.

People were very quick to attack those that initially supported Trump. They were called names and were ridiculed just for supporting their choice for president. Monica was no different. Her outspoken nature combined with her support made her the perfect target for those who felt threatened by Trump. Trump was so different from the status quo that it unnerved a lot of people. People became afraid and lashed out and the anger was directed at those who very vocal in their support.

Monica Crowley gave a very poignant talk at the at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2017 Restoration Weekend about why the current ruling class is afraid of Donald Trump. The event was held Nov. 16th-19th at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Her rousing speech drew the ire of both liberals and conservatives everywhere. She knew something that a lot of political pundits, analysts and politicians didn’t know. She knew that the citizens of the United States wanted a drastic change because they were tired of those in power abusing that power.

During this talk she summed up the feelings of those who supported Trump and why his run was so important to them. She said;

The swamp is the ruling class and it’s comprised of the elites on all sides of the political spectrum.  Why has it always dominated?  We sort of take it for granted.  Why has it always dominated despite repeated attempts by noble patriots over many years to try to chip away at its monstrous power?

The short answer is that the swamp controls all the levers of power in this country, and they have the capability and the will to destroy anyone and anything that threatens its grip.  The swamp is the perfect embodiment of Lord Acton’s warning that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

After all her years of experience in the world of politics, she decided to back Trump.  She has the knowledge and the expertise to know which candidate would be a good fit for this revolution in America and sure enough, she was right. After being mocked and ridiculed by even other republicans, she stood strong in her belief and she backed the winner. Monica Crowley didn’t make the popular decision nor the one that would further advance her career. She made a decision based on what the American people were feeling about the current state of politics. She made a decision based on her gut feeling about what would be the right choice for American.

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