Feminine Things That Men Can Enjoy Too

In the past few decades, we have seen more and more a constant disparity between masculine and feminine values. David Bowie is cool for wearing make-up, but any man who waxes his chest is derided for being a metrosexual. It’s not at all fair, so we’re setting the record straight on a few things. Here are a few examples of feminine things that guys are perfectly fine to enjoy.

Girly Movies and TV Shows

It’s understandable that Hollywood execs want to have a target audience when pitching a new show or movie, and that’s fine. But guys are allowed to watch them without feeling guilty even if they are pitched towards women! So what if you can’t stop watching Pretty Little Liars? Who cares if you want to catch the latest Tina Fey comedy in the cinema? You don’t have to call it a guilty pleasure – guys can watch whatever they want, trust us.

Food and Drinks

It’s tough having a sweet tooth when you’re a man. You might feel a little embarrassed to ask for that Unicorn Frappucino, or to get the sugary pink cupcake with mounds of icing piled on top. But flavour is flavour, and it has nothing to do with gender. Raise your chin with pride when you place your order. Guess what? Your girlfriend might not even like sugary food, and it’s okay for her to run against stereotypes too. But if she does, then it’s just one more thing that you can have fun enjoying together. Why not go the extra mile and try foods from different countries? You could try Italian, or go totally different and try some of the delicacies of Zanzibar food.

Looking Good

Can we just all agree to ditch the term ‘metrosexual’ and all of the negative connotations that it brings right now? There’s no shame in wanting to look good. Men are held to standards just as high as women when it comes to haircuts, body shape and size, and fashion sense. Stop pretending that you don’t care and own it. More men than ever are having nose jobs, for example, and that’s absolutely fine. It’s not exclusively a girly or feminine thing to want to look your best. In fact, if you’re single, it’s practically a necessity!

Traditionally Female Jobs

When it comes to the workplace, things have been unbalanced pretty much since the beginning of time. Men are the breadwinners, while women stay at home and look after the children. If they do work, they will be carers, nurses, cleaners, or so on. But men can go ahead and take those roles if they want to. Stay at home Dads are increasingly becoming a normal thing, and male nurses or flight attendants should no longer be shocking to anyone. If you have a talent and a passion, go for it – whatever it is. Don’t hold back from your dreams just because your career path is perceived as being just for women.

The concept of gender is one that is always fluidly changing. In the Victorian times, little boys would wear dresses while they grew up, and before that, pink was even considered to be a masculine colour. Don’t let preconceptions and masculinity and femininity hold you back from what you want.

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