How Solar Power is Revolutionising the Energy Industry

Solar panels convert the energy generated from the sun into electricity. On a bright and sunny day, electricity is produced and this is helping to revolutionise the energy industry. But just how much is solar power revolutionising the energy industry?

Goodbye to Coal and Gas?

In recent years there has been a surge in the use of solar panels to enable renewable energy to be used instead of coal, gas or other fossil fuels. Looking at one countries example there was a rise from 9.4% in 2011 to 24.6% in 2015 of electricity that was derived from renewable sources showing evidence that renewable energy sources in the UK is expanding and becoming more prominent in the energy industry. Renewable energy sources are better for the environment however it is reliant upon the weather, e.g. solar and wind power. Over the past few years, the cost to run solar panels has dropped which has enabled governments to install more and the general public to have access to clean and affordable energy.

Revolutionising the Energy Industry

EU leaders and members of the G8 have publicised a road map to a low-carbon economy by 2030 which summarises findings from the energy industry and plans for ensuring a clean, secure and affordable electricity supply by 2030. It explains how solar panels that are installed on homes will be able to compete with traditional sources of electricity and there is a fall in the cost for storing electricity. This is helping to revolutionise the use of solar power and the way in which customers can control their energy use.

Of course it is obvious that solar power can only work when the weather is sunny however over recent years there has been significant research into solar battery storage. Electricity storage has been voted as one of the most important technological advances and will completely change the way that people use electricity, from now to 2030. Solar battery storage allows any excess energy from the sun to be stored and used when there is no energy source available, i.e. at night when there is no sunlight or in the winter on a dark and full day.  This technique could be the solution to supplying electricity to many buildings and houses in the future.

Solar panels and their rechargeable battery units are becoming cheaper than ever making them affordable battery technology. This will allow households to store the battery they are generating during the day that they may not need to use straight away and use at a more convenient time.

Solar Power at Home

Why not get involved and do your part to help the environment by using solar power to generate electricity to your house. Say goodbye to electricity bills by taking control of your energy generated from the sun. By having a solar power that has a storage battery you are able to store any excess energy so that your house can still use solar energy when the sun is not out such as at night or on a cloudy day. Solar storage is still a developing technology but it most definitely could be the future for homes and the energy industry. If you’re thinking of getting a solar storage battery remember you’ll still need a solar battery back-up, this is because if the grid, in a grid fed solar system shuts down, a solar system battery won’t keep supplying your energy.

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