Green Energy On The Rise

New data suggests that green energy is on the rise – and will continue to grow as time goes on. Scientists are starting to predict potential dates at which large parts of the world could be solely reliant on green energy. This is exciting news for the environment as well as for renewable power.

Middle East Looking Green

Research done at the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland has turned up some interesting results. They have worked out that those in the MENA region – that’s Middle East and North Africa – could easily go completely green by 2030 using their abundant natural resources.

A fully renewable scheme in the regions could cost 60% less than other options, such as nuclear power or fossil fuels. If using a super grid to transmit electricity across longer distances, wind or solar energy could be the lowest-cost options yet.

An International Drive

Professor Christian Breyer from the university said: “The low cost renewable electricity system is a driver for growing standards of living, continued economic growth, in particular also for energy intensive products and finally more peace. The picture that emerges from that study is that the fossil fuel industry can transform its business to meet the COP21 target of a net zero emission energy system. This requires fundamental change in how we think carbon but it could potentially open major new business opportunities.”

Germany is looking to develop a finance platform for developing nations to help them become sustainable. This is an interesting approach which could help the world go green faster.

Price No Longer Barrier

The price of green energy has come down hugely – in 2016, we finally reached the point where green energy costs less than non-renewable sources. This was something that had held consumers back, but now it’s entirely reasonable to buy personal solar panels for the home and even outdoors for things like a pool as you can see on this website.

We could be going green both on a personal and a national scale before too many years have passed. Experts are now guessing that a renewable planet is inevitable: we have reached the tipping point where it makes more sense to go green from all points of view, including financial ones.

New Cardiff Plant Contributing Already

In the UK, there are some changes afoot which are already contributing to the rise of green energy around the world. A new power plant has opened in Cardiff which uses food waste to create energy.

The plant uses what is known as anaerobic digestion to break down food waste without oxygen, thereby creating electricity. A by-product of the process is also create which will be used as either plant food or a soil conditioner. In other words, it helps to grow the next crop to be turned into waste! 4,000 homes can be powered by the plant each year, and the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan councils are sending food waste there for the foreseeable future.

This is all positive news for the planet, and gives plenty of reason to hope for the future. We could all soon be looking back on the non-green past and shaking our heads in wonder at how we managed for so long.

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