Five Ways That Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Rental Property Business

recent survey found that 85 percent of young adults (ages 18 to 34) rent. And, 2019 Pew Research Center statistics show that social media is widely used among young adults. Around 73 percent of young adults ages 25 to 29 use Snapchat, and 75 percent of this same group are Instagram users.

In today’s digital age, it just makes sense to boost your online presence if you want to attract young professionals who spend time on the web. The more credible you look, the more attractive your property appears, and the more likely you can draw in young adults and reduce tenant acquisition and retention costs.

This post will provide five key ways that social media marketing can help rental property owners grow their business.

#1 Speak the write language.

Intentionally choose your social media marketing words. One research study revealed that Millennials value price over other property details such as a quiet neighborhood or walkability score. Make sure your web content and website information respect this preference.

#2 Incorporate chatbots and AI tools.

Young adults are used to instant everything. Technology that fields prospective tenants’ questions ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage prospects on their terms and when they reach out to your property rental company.

#3 Stream the action.

Streaming live video from your property is an effective social marketing tool. Whether you’re publishing updates to the property expansion, sharing a community picnic, or showing off a spacious, tech-friendly apartment and all the amenities, you will attract attention with a video feed. Many social platforms offer live streaming apps FREE. On Facebook, your video can be anywhere from 10 minutes to four hours, so there is ample time to reach your audience.

#4 Perfect your timing.

We’ve all played phone tag at least one time in our life. It can be frustrating and ineffective to try to reach someone randomly. Social media research makes connecting with your prospects easier and more effective. Timing marketing posts based on when specific demographics engage with social sites means your prospects are more likely to see your ads and click through for more details.

Do some research, or read what others are saying about social media users that visit their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter pages.

#5 Build credibility and authenticity with images.

Sharing photos is an excellent way to inspire prospective tenants to take action. Make sure your photographs are professional grade. Clear pictures say you are proud of your property and welcome a discerning inspection.

Final Thoughts

Intentionally designed social media campaigns can attract young professional tenants to your property. When you utilize digital tools and resources wisely and consistently collect and analyze traffic patterns and site origination data, you can control your acquisition and retention costs.

The bottom line is that an engaging social media marketing plan is no longer optional for rental property businesses. Want to grow your rental business? Get serious about your online presence.

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