Five Great Marketing Ideas For Pest Control Companies

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There are several good pest control marketing practices that you should employ, if you want to stand the best chance of securing these returns. These practices can produce results on their own, but they work best when used in conjunction with each other.

Always be prepared to talk about your business

Talking about your business is one of the best ways to ensure it gets noticed. This does not mean you should approach random strangers to talk about your pest control services; it simply means that you should be prepared to talk about your business if an opportunity arises. Make sure that you have up to date business cards to at all times, and have a good knowledge of your business, so that you can speak with confidence.

Have an online presence

Online is where most people look for pest control services. Creating a simple business website is not complicated. Do not forget to include geographic SEO, so that you feature highly in searches for pest control in your area. You should at least have a Google business listing online, and make sure that you pay attention to online reviews addressing any issues that occur as soon as possible.

Use Google Ads

Using Google Ads, previously Google Adwords, is an excellent marketing technique for a business that is interested in acquiring more leads and achieving growth. You can use search advertising which means that you have access to people who are actively looking for pest control services in your area and that you only pay if someone clicks through to your website, or calls you, as a result of the ad.

Do not neglect leads

You often have only had a small window of opportunity to secure a sale from a lead. This is why you should always follow up on leads carefully and methodically. Keep comprehensive records of the leads you acquire and the contact you make with them. Set yourself reminders to take follow up actions in a timely manner.

Do not forget your existing customers

It takes less investment to secure repeat business from an existing customer than it does to secure new leads. It makes sense for you to take advantage of this. Keep in contact with customers after you have carried out pest control work for them; ask them if they need any further help or a pest inspection. You can also advise them of any offers that they can take advantage of.

Using one, some or all of these marketing ideas can help your pest control business to secure work in a crowded market. This helps you to raise profits and grow as a business.

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