TSB customers face 'intermittent' IT problems

Failing IT systems continued to plague TSB over the weekend and into Monday, after customers complained of being denied access to their accounts via online and mobile phone.

Some customers trying to access their accounts via mobile apps received messages saying, “Something went wrong” at each attempt.

At least one customer who tried to access details of the direct debits related to their account, in order to monitor outgoing bills, was told they “don’t have direct debits set up” for that account.

TSB said it had planned overnight maintenance on Friday evening, but a bank spokesman said the latest customer account access problems were unrelated.

The bank later said some customers were still experiencing “intermittent” problems, but that service had largely recovered.

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A TSB spokesperson said: “We’re really sorry that some of our customers are experiencing intermittent issues with online and mobile banking.

“There was an issue yesterday afternoon which was resolved, however customers may be experiencing a slowness in service.

“Customers are still able to use their cards as normal. We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The latest computer system-related debacle comes months after another IT upgrade at TSB failed to move 1.3 billion customer records away from its old parent company Lloyds and on to a platform created by its new Spanish owners Sabadell.

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Up to 1.9 million customers were locked out of their accounts as a result of the fiasco that began in April.

Around 12,500 customers went on to leave in the wake of the systems crash which went on to costing the bank £176m.


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